Friends, sailing, surfing and awareness. The Good Karma Projects team sailed the Mediterranean Sea in search of microplastics. Do you want to know what we found?

Mediterráneamente Plástico is a short documentary filmed by Joe Delahunty during the annual ‘Jaume I’ sailing regatta from Salou (Tarragona) to Mallorca. It analyzes the amount of microplastics found in the Mediterranean Sea and the impact they have on the environment.

Unknown to most people, the Mediterranean is one of the most polluted seas in the world. The United Nations Environment Program has estimated that 650,000,000 t of wastewater, 129,000 t of mineral oil, 60,000 t of mercury, 3,800 t of lead and 36,000 t of phosphates are discharged into the Mediterranean each year.

The research results showed that there are around 100,000 microplastics per km2, a density similar to that of the famous ‘garbage islands’ in the Pacific Ocean.

The main objective of the documentary is to give visibility to the problem of plastic pollution and raise awareness about the enormous amount of waste that we generate and ends up in our seas.

Microplastics in the Mediterranean
Mediterranean plastic pollution sailing regata
Manta trawl microplasticos good karma projects

© Photos by Inka Reichert


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