Help the planet with only 1 euro!

From Good Karma Projects we make an appeal to continue developing projects as we have done so far, as it is our way to take action to care for the environment. Therefore, we have created a group on the online platform Teaming to raise funds for the implementation of projects and initiatives to raise awareness and environmental education.

Teaming raises funds for different social causes through micro-donations of 1 euro per month. As a user you only have to join one of the social groups that you find most interesting and in this way you become a teamer of that group, that is to say every month you will donate 1 euro to the group you have joined.

To contribute your grain of sand you only have to join our group and donate 1 euro per month. Teaming will automatically deduct your euro every month and will allocate it to the cause you have chosen, without any commissions and until you decide.

As a non-profit organization that wants to live in a better world, we need this type of collaboration, since we want to continue giving life to our projects together with you, the community we have formed.

Every donation counts! Thank you!