Your platform to organize and participate in waste collections all over the world.
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Gather your friends and family to go out and clean the nature that surrounds us!

Join a clean up of the map by contacting the organizing person (email on the map)


It is very simple! To organize your own Clean Up with friends and family you must fill out the following formand we will send you an email with all the necessary information. To participate in a Clean Up that is already organized, you can search the mapand once you decide which one you want to join, you can contact the corresponding organizer or organizer (you will find their contact in the map information of the selected Clean Up).

Anybody! Both individuals and clubs, schools, companies and organizations, everyone is welcome.

Anywhere! Beaches, mountains, fields, parks, streams … any natural environment.

You will need different bags (preferably reused) to separate the waste you find, cloth gloves, good shoes, water, and if it is hot, a hat and sunscreen.

There is no minimum number of participants! You can go out with a friend or even your alone, you can take advantage of any moment of your daily routine, such as going for a run or a walk, to collect waste and become aware of the amount of garbage that we can find next to our houses. We usually don’t limit the maximum number of people, but currently we must take into account health measures for COVID-19.

If you decideto organize a Clean Up, you will be in charge of gathering a group of people (friends, family …) or going out to clean yourself, but at the end of the Clean Up you will have to fill in the data collection form to send it to us. On the other hand, if you participate in a Clean Up organized by another person, you must contact them (emails on the map) and carry out the Clean Up the day it is scheduled. Choose the option that best suits your interests and needs, the important thing is not the way you participate but that you are being part of the #cleanupwithgoodkarma movement and you are helping the well-being of the environment.

You can help us spread the message through social networks, following us (@goodkarmaprojects), sharing our posts, mentioning us and using the hashtag #cleanupwithgoodkarma. You can also get the Official Good Karma Projects T-shirtto convey the Good Karma philosophy wherever you go.

Thedata collection form is used to collect the data of all the Clean Ups and with them, to prepare a report on garbage in the natural environment that helps us to give visibility to the problem and to make the data available to the scientific community.

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Register your Clean Up and you will receive an email with the instructions. It is very simple!

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