Mallorca Freak Waves Show

There was no better place to release our short-documentary Mediterráneamente Plástico, than Palma de Mallorca. 

Spoiler alert!  Sergio, former Seabin Project biologist and currently working at Save the Med and Endika, from Garage Surfboards (both at the top picture on the right) are protagonist of the adventure! And we wanted to share with them this special moment.

The Freak Wave Show is runned by local Balearic surfers who care about Surf and Sustainability in the islands, so they set up the screening to present the community in the capital of the island. This cool event happened to be in a perfect place close to Palma downtown to congregate the surf community.

It started with the presentation of Save the Med Foundation, who works on the regeneration of the Mediterranean Marine Environment and raises awareness around marine plastic pollution.

Then, Endika, introduced to the audience the different materials involved in the surfboards construction and talked about the existing alternatives in the market, to go for a more eco-friendly way of enjoying the waves. He also explained about the Ecoboard Project from Sustainable Surf, as a great tool to certify and communicate which constructions include one of this materials. 

Last, but not least… We talked about how we met Joe Delahunty and came up with the idea of the short-documentary, as a tool for spreading an inspirational message while giving visibility to an issue that concerns all of us. Spoiler Alert 2 As Inka Reichert states at the end of the documentary: “…if we start walking, I think we can do it.” 

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