Outdoors by ISPO 2019

Good Karma Projects was invited by Brands For Good to be part of the CSR and Sustainability Hub at the latest Outdoor by ISPO trade show.

Munich has something special, the Bavarian city hosts one of the strongest action sports communities in Europe.

Mixed in with the crowds of people in the city, you will always identify skaters riding the streets, snowboarders going to catch the train during the cold months and all year long you can also see some surfers heading to the river wave. Maybe that is the reason why since its inception in 1970 Munich has hosted ISPO, the nowadays largest sports trade show.

ISPO is the largest B2B trade show in the world, gathering more than 2,800 exhibitors and brands, and for us it has became an appointment that we can not miss. This time we joined OutDoor by ISPO, a separate event from ISPO that can be seen as the ‘summer edition’. The show is focused on outdoor sports like trekking, climbing, camping and this year new segments like watersports or mountain biking were added.

For the first time ever, we were invited by Brands for Good to have our own booth (poster) in the CSR and Sustainability Hub, and it was such a great opportunity. Our presence in the show, gave big exposure to our project, allowed us to connect with companies, riders and others NGOs and the opportunity to discuss and learn from what others are doing in order to do business in a more sustainable way.

We consider that sustainability is a topic that need to be applied and considered in all levels of society, from individuals and local businesses to big companies and governments. It’s not an option to give our back to the big players (and therefore biggest polluters), they probably won’t go out of business so we better work with them to reduce their impact and create a positive impact.  –  Albert Font de Rubinat, Co-founder of GK

It is also important to mention the big step forward that ISPO has made by implementing some new rules and measures to reduce the overall impact of the show. Some of the improvements you could easily notice were: all posters from the CSR and Sustainability Hub where made on cardboard, the food suppliers had to agree to not use any single-use plastic, there were almost no carpets… The OutDoor by ISPO also set new standards with its “Code of Conduct”, which gave organizers, exhibitors and visitors concrete recommendations on how to act in a climate-neutral, resource-saving and sustainable way. In all nine halls you could see how present the topic of sustainability is.

Thanks BrandsforGood for all the good work!

And if you want to know more about the boardsports scene in Munich, check the next post and meet some of surfboards, kitesurf and snowboard local builders.