ISPO 2019

For second year in a row Good Karma Projects was present at the CSR Hub & Sustainability hall of the ISPO Messe Munchen. 

ISPO Munich is the world’s leading trade fair for the sports business. It takes place every year on the grounds of the Messe München and brings together more than 2.800 international exhibitors presenting their latest products from the segments Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban, Teamsports, Vision, Trends, Innovation & Industry Services and Manufacturing & Suppliers.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly business practice have been playing an ever-greater role in society for some time now. That’s positive on the one hand, but also illustrates the drama of the situation on the other: Firstly, the bad news on the climate, poverty and natural resources are forcing us to change the way that we think. 

Last year ISPO hosted its first ever CSR Hub and Sustainability Kiosk, a hall where sport brands and organizations with high social and environmental performance could present their efforts. This year it has been proven that the demand for transparent communication about products and how they get to consumers is growing–and is more than just a trend. Now this has become the place where people will come to interact, share ideas, learn and discuss.

“The idea behind BRANDS FOR GOOD is to inspire others and spread the word about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the sports business.  Do good and talk about it! “

– Frank Lohse, Co-founder Brands for Good

Brands for Good, a non-profit organisation, has been one of the key players to create the CSR Hub & Sustainability Kiosk. Every year they will lend there space (a few hundred square meters) to showcase multiple organisations and companies with high environmental and social standards. A win-win situation that gives exposure to the small organisations and creates the opportunity for visitors to know more about all the good work that is being done in the industry.


Photo by Anne Kaiser Photography

“This is the second year that we are here and we won’t stop comming. ISPO is an special event for us where we can check on the progress of the industry. Big, medium and small brands are here and it’s the best place to get into discussion in how all together we can improve our businesses to be better for the environment and the society.”  

– Albert Font de Rubinat, GK Projects co-founder

By putting more focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), we are redefining business success. So let’s continue to do good – and let’s talk about it.


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