Surfboard glassing workshop, free ding repairs, beach cleanup, solidary raffle… In our collaboration with the WSL PANTIN CLASSIC PRO event in Galicia we focused on showcasing the impact of the materials in a surfboard and how can be easily reduce.

Our program addressed both shapers and surfers, who had the opportunity to learn about alternatives materials for surfboards contruction, the importance of elongating the board’s life in order to minimize its environmental impact and what to ask for in case of having to buy a new board.

In our set-up in the Pantin Ecosurf Area, we were showcasing the different biobased, recycled and natural materials that we were using for the surboard building and repairing workshops.

Visitors got also the chance to talk with our special guest Dani Vila, a recognised gold-level certified ecoboard builder, who was answering questions and explaining the advantatges of an ecoboard.

A special moment was the last surfboard glassing workshop, when kids decided to work together “with their own hands” to build the board that we would later raffle to raise money for the NGO OpenArms.

The board was made by GK and the kids but with the support of Ecore, Entropy resins and Bcomp, that supplied the: 25% recycled content EPS, the low VOC bio-based epoxy and the natural flax fabrics.

The raffle of the eco-board made by the kids in the pictures, raised 505€ that were send directly to Open Arms.

OpenArms is a non-governmental organization in Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) whose main mission is to rescue from the sea those people who try to reach Europe fleeing from war, persecution or poverty.

During the event we were also offering FREE DING REPAIRS, to all the surfers that brought 3 pieces of rubbish with their broken board. The message? Sustainability goes through making things last as long as possible… We need to forget about use and dispose. So we were repairing and cleaning up the beach at the same time! 

Fun moments, good waves, nice people, best food around and a lot of interest from the people regarding the next steps towards a more sustainable development in the surf industry.