Thoughts about ISPO 2020

Albert lecture ISPO 2020
We once again went to Munich.
We’ve shared, discussed, listened, and learned.
The sports industry is undergoing radical change. Innovation and creativity have always been part of the DNA of the sports industry. However, the fact that competition to have the latest and most exciting new developments has now shifted to the area of sustainability. The range of new bio-based or recycled materials, new product ideas, and new solutions for more sustainable consumption were simply impressive at ISPO Munich 2020. Fortunately, more and more companies are embarking on this path.

Legitimate or greenwashing?
Well, here some of the thoughts that Albert, GK Co-Founder, shared with ISPO exhibitors during his lecture.

Albert Font de Rubinat ISPO 2020
I love to be here at ISPO, and see how every year there are more exhibitors and interest in the Sustainability Hub. It starts to be difficult to find a brand that doesn’t have any ‘eco-friendly’ claim or product, which is great, it’s a win, but now. What is the next step?
Sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. By now, you’ve probably realized that the way we run businesses today is not sustainable. Es una locura, estamos agotando nuestros recursos naturales.
We need a new economy,call it: Green, call it circular or however you feel. But we need an economy, which gives nature and people its value.
The industry needs to take on a real commitment. It won’t be enough to launch products with recycled materials in them. The planet needs companies to ask themselves the bigger questions, the ones where the results can either help or hinder the future of our home.
Questions being:
Are CEOs and their company’s mission aligned with the needs of our planet?
Are our products and services bringing any value for society or the planet?
Is it really necessary for a new collection to be launched every 6 months?
Every company should have a bigger goal focusing on taking responsibility, rather than to make a year and year increase in profits. The commitment of these goals needs to be stuck to, given energy, and attention for them to be met.
I want to see real changes in companies’ values and structures. We need to move away from the old-fashioned profit-driven model businesses. I see the future being filled with responsible companies that give genuine value to people and the planet.
This piece is the honest reflection Albert brought to ISPO.
By now, you must know that the Good Karma approach is always to share insight in the most positive way. But sometimes, as Albert did in his lecture in Munich, we need to be a critic and allowing ourselves to say it the way it truly is.

We need to make our voice heard and ask for the changes we believe in.

Thanks @brandsforgood for inviting us over. Here some of our friends at the Sustainability Hub: Some friends