Surf, Music & Friends Festival – Salinas, Asturias

@Surfmusicandfriends it’s been the perfect excuse to get to know so inspiring organizations and individuals!

We actively participated in the Aula del Mar, a space full of activities and workshops to understand our ocean and all the issues it’s facing. There we screened ‘Mediterráneamente Plástico, discussed about ways of facing marine pollution, had a talk with Chris Evans (Vissla) and Javier Cantera (Surf & Nature Alliance) and participated on the beach cleanup organised by @surfistasvigilantesdelmar.

Do you know what Ocle is?

Ocle is know by some people from Asturias as Red Gold, a red seaweed that started to be used as a fertiliser and now is wanted by the medicinal, cosmetics and even culinary industry.

Now check in the following video how much ocle we found in Salinas beach and how much plastic was tangled in it.

While we still wait for the official results, we can tell that what we found the most was degraded pieces of plastic between the ocle, and cigarette butts on the dry sand next to the walking area.

Thanks to Surfistas Vigilantes del Mar for an incredible job! Check out more in their facebook page: