School Beach Clean Up Day

Beach clean up kids for the future

Today we went out for a beach clean up with the 4th grade students from the Santa Maria del Mar school.

We’ve been cleanup on the main beach and even it was looking quite good, the kids got surprised of how much trash you can pickup. Bottles, cans, ear buds, plastic packaging, sandals…

And then, once we were done with all the big stuff, we asked the kids to look closer.

– What are this tiny plastic spheres!?
– This are pellets or nurdles. And is the raw material used in the manufacture of plastic products such as drink bottles, caps and food containers.

Nurdles are a major contributor to marine debris. During a three-month study of Orange County beaches researchers found them to be the most common beach contaminant. 

Nurdles have frequently been found in the digestive tracts of various marine creatures, causing physiological damage by leachingplasticizers such as phthalates. Nurdles can carry two types of micropollutants in the marine environment: native plastic additives and hydrophobic pollutants absorbed from seawater.

Learn more about the problem and the solutions at: NURDLEHUNT.ORG

This initiative is part of our project ‘Kids For the Future‘, from where we try to create experiences for kids that will spur their appreciation, respect and understanding for the environment, the planet and a healthier lifestyle. 

We believe that working with schools and offering them the opportunity to let kids learn about nature, in nature, is a good start. And ask kids, what is better than a School Beach Clean Up Day!?